What is Glycolic?


What is Glycolic?

Glycolic Acid is one of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It gently exfoliates dull skin cells, making your skin look brighter and fresher. It’s derived from plants and is often used for skin that suffers from signs of aging, scarring or skin discoloration.

****Use the Glycolic Renewal System after receiving a Glycolic Peel to enhance the benefits of this service.

*We offer Glycolic Peels for the face, neck and decollete.  Save 10% when you purchase a series of 6. Save 15% when you purchase a series of 10.

Glycolic Cleanser:  Glycolic acid works to gently exfoliate dull skin cells. Green tea extract  protects from free-radical damage and reduces inflammation. Licorice extract helps brighten and clarify, leaving your skin smooth and toned. Can be used daily or in conjunction with your normal cleanser.

Glycolic Toner:  Uses alpha hydroxy acids, botanicals and Dead Sea salt to lightly tone your skin. It contains witch hazel extra and aloe vera to enhance toning benefits. Use following the Glycolic Cleanser.

Glycolic Serum:
This lightweight formula contains aloe vera, Vitamins A and E and leaves the skin extra soft and supple. Apply 1 to 2 drops to face and neck and gently massage.

Glycolic Moisture Mask:  This is a hydrating cream masque with a generous amount of glycolic acid. This gentle formula exfoliates and replenishes moisture to smooth fine lines and plump the skin. Licorice extract and vitamins A, C and E offer their benefits while sodium hyaluronate hydrates and softens the skin. This heavy moisturizing cream can be used as night cream or daily moisturzer for extremely dry skin.




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